All product guarantees are honoured by the product’s manufacturer. The guarantee issued will cover manufacturer defects when used in its applicable domestic situation and only in a commercial situation if specified for commercial use.

Time period of guarantee is specific to each product. These range from 12 months to Lifetime Guarantee.

The product warranty does not cover serviceable parts. Furthermore, negligence and misuse or abuse of a product will nullify the warranty agreement. Products that are enhanced by any finished surface, for example chrome finishings, will have a guarantee to cover the surface finish; nullified by misuse or abuse of the product.

If the product is faulty, or results in a malfunction, please contact our team to discuss the manufactures policy. Please note, any manufactured will seek to ensure that products have been fitted as per their instructions provided and there have been no adjustments to or misuse of the product.

Proof of purchase will be required at the point of enquiry.

Please be considerate of the registration timeframe to qualify for manufacturer product guarantee. The responsibility of registering for this is with the customer.

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